Aims and Scope

  • Erasmus Law Review is aimed at publishing and fostering independent academic articles relevant to the disciplines of law. We are specifically interested in multidisciplinary and/or comparative legal research that addresses questions of relevance beyond one single national jurisdiction. We welcome comparisons between legal subdisciplines, as well as between countries and law systems. Besides contributions from a legal disciplinary perspective, the journal also publishes articles that are based on or informed by empirical disciplines like criminology, sociology, political science and economics.
  • The multidisciplinary and international focus of Erasmus Law Reviewis reflected in a rich variety of thematic issues that are well received. For these thematic issues, particular issues are commissioned and a call for papers is distributed. The journal also regularly publishes open issues that provide publication possibilities for uncommissioned manuscripts across the legal discipline, and other disciplines relevant to law. These issues also intend to stimulate submissions by talented master students and PhD candidates. Manuscripts can address any legally relevant subject, but preferably include a multidisciplinary and/or comparative angle. Submissions focused on subjects relevant to single legal disciplines in one country only are generally not considered for publication.
  • With its international and multidisciplinary approach, Erasmus Law Reviewaims to contribute to developing the academic community, not only at the Erasmus School of Law but also beyond Rotterdam and the Netherlands.
  • Publishing frequency
    • Erasmus Law Review publishes three thematic issues per year and one open issue on submission. Each thematic issue will be advertised via a call for papers.
  • Authorship criteria
    • Erasmus Law Review only accepts original publications that have not been concurrently submitted for consideration by other journals.
  • Peer review process
    • Submissions to Erasmus Law Review are subject to an editorial pre-review followed by an anonymous double-blind peer review process. Selected peer reviewers are independent from the author and have suitable expertise in the relevant field.


ISSN: 2210-2671

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