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Workshop and Special Issue on ‘Trust in and between courts in the changing world in the 21st century’

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Erasmus Law Review Special Issue: Towards inclusive legal education: complications and challenges.

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Welcome to the Erasmus Law Review website. This open access journal seeks to foster independent critical scholarship as relevant to the discipline of law. It commissions articles around specific themes (special issues), although calls for papers on specific topics might be issued occasionally and will be published on this website. All prospective articles are submitted to double-blind peer review (two reviews per article), and final publication is dependent on the outcome of these reviews. Next to our three special Issues each year, we have one open issue. Authors who have sent in articles for these open issues will be informed as soon as possible about the suitability of their work to be published in the open issue of Erasmus Law Review.

The Editorial Board encourages the submission of legally relevant manuscripts by legal scholars and practitioners as well as those versed in other disciplines relevant to law, such as criminology, sociology, political science and economics.

In handling commissioned articles and unsolicited ones, the Erasmus Law Review makes use of an online submission system called the Editorial Manager - please see Submit an Article for more information.

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